Episode 9 – Get Your Balls Out!

In which our inexperts rejoice for MLB Opening Day. Max and Luch give Dave the teams to watch this season, and Dave rejoices that at least one of his hockey teams isn't losing. Listen on the link below or subscribe on iTunes CLICK HERE


Episode 8 – Rock Out With Your Lockout

Our inexperts are joined once again by James Leader to discuss the latest developments in the NFL Lockout. Is it a case of Millionaires vs Billionaires? What do the Players want? Where does the NFL go from here? And where was the eleventh inning in this week’s Blue Jays game?! Listen below or subscribe via … Continue reading Episode 8 – Rock Out With Your Lockout

Luch’s All-Star SuperTeam (A.S.S.)

Starting Pitcher: Cy Young Played for: Cleveland Spiders/Naps, St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Americans Career 511-311 (.618% winning) 15 seasons with 20+ wins including 5 season’s with 30+ wins Honored with being known as the best pitcher in baseball with the ‘Cy Young Award’ given to the best pitcher each year Catcher: Lawrence Peter … Continue reading Luch’s All-Star SuperTeam (A.S.S.)