Luch’s All-Star SuperTeam (A.S.S.)

Starting Pitcher: Cy Young

  • Played for: Cleveland Spiders/Naps, St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Americans
  • Career 511-311 (.618% winning)
  • 15 seasons with 20+ wins including 5 season’s with 30+ wins
  • Honored with being known as the best pitcher in baseball with the ‘Cy Young Award’ given to the best pitcher each year

Catcher: Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

  • Played for: New York Yankees/Mets
  • 3-time MVP
  • Career .285 Batting Average
  • *10 World Series Rings*
  • 11 seasons with over 20 home runs
  • 15 Time All-Star
  • Known for being baseballs the most intelligent person in MLB who can’t form a sentence

First Basemen: Albert Pujols

  • Plays for: St. Louis Cardinals
  • 3-time MVP (to date)
  • 1st player to began the first 10 years of their MLB career with 30+ home runs and over 100RBI’s each season (to date)
  • .331 Career BA (to date)
  • Gold Glove first basemen

Second Basemen: Jackie Robinson

  • Played for: Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 1st African American player in Major League Baseball
  • .311 Career BA
  • 6-time All-star
  • Broke open the colour barrier

Third Basemen: Scott Brocious

  • Played for: Oakland A’s and New York Yankees
  • Most known for his 2-Run Home run in game 5 of 2001 WS against the Arizona Diamondbacks to bring the game into extra innings
  • Staple in Yankees Dynasty

Short Stop: Cal Ripken Jr.

  • Played for: Baltimore Orioles
  • 15-time All-Star
  • Most Consecutive Game streak record holder with 2,632 games
  • 2-Time MVP
  • Rookie of the Year in 1982

Left Fielder: Nick “Sir Swish” Swisher

  • Played for: Oakland A’s, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees (current)
  • 1-time All-Star (to date)
  • Career .252 BA (to date)
  • 2010, best overall year with .288 BA, 29 Home Runs, 89 RBI’s and .359 OBP

Centre Fielder: Mickey “The Mick” Mantle

  • Played for: New York Yankees
  • 536 Career Home Runs
  • 3-time MVP
  • 17-time All-Star
  • Career .985% fielding
  • 1956 AL Triple Crown Winner (highest in Home Runs, RBI’s and Batting Average)

Right Fielder: George Herman “Babe” Ruth

  • Played for: Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees
  • “The Great Bambino”, “The Sultan of Swat”
  • 22 seasons
  • 714 Career Home Runs
  • Hit 60 Home runs in 1923 (most than any team that season combined); Held Single Season Home Run Record until 1961 with Roger Maris (another Yankee who always played Right Field) broke it with 61 Home Runs

Designated Hitter: Lou Gehrig

  • Played for: New York Yankees
  • “The Iron Horse”
  • 2-time MVP
  • 7-time All-star
  • .340 Career BA
  • Now most famous for the degenerative bone disease he died from now known as ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’

Middle Relief Pitcher: Hoyt Wilhelm

  • Played for: New York Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs
  • 21 year career
  • First Middle reliever to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
  • Career 143W-122L record
  • 2.52 ERA (earned run average)
  • Only 52 starts made in career out of 1,070 games he was involved in

Closing Pitcher: Mariano Rivera

  • Played for: New York Yankees (current)
  • “The Sandman”
  • 2.23 Career ERA (to date)
  • 559 Career Saves (42 saves away from tieing the career saves record)
  • 11-time All-star (to date)
  • 74W-55L career (to date)

*Manager: Ralph Houk*

  • Managed: New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox
  • 1,619-1,531 (.514 win %)
  • Known as a ‘players manager’
  • 3 WS Championship teams

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