Lockout episode 3: The Owners strike back!!

So the on again off again saga that is taking up more air time than any soap (although I’m pretty sure the soap writers are stealing this story line).  So in the latest round of playground antics between the two sides the players managed to get the lockout stopped before the owners managed to get it reinstated.  So where does this leave us the NFL fans??

Well the new date set for what seems to be the final round of court is June 3rd.  Now this seems all good a matter of a month and we shall know where we are at and when we can hope to see football…..WRONG!!! the process is long and arduous.  So lets see what the month holds.

It starts with May 9th where the owners get to send a written brief to the three judges. Then the players have to send their response brief  to the court for May 26th.  After this there is one more round of “he said, she said” before we get to June 3rd.

So then both sides have representatives who get 30 mins to make their final statements and then the judges make a decision….right? …….Nope then we have to wait 45 days for a decision!

Well lets hope this gets sorted out as soon as possible and we should know by the middle of July if the season will go ahead and this leaves the teams a massive 2 or 3 weeks for preparation!!!

Well thats it for the latest update and be ready for more updates… I was Matt and I know nothing!!


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