Matt’s links ep:24!

So here’s the plays of the week….

Hero of the week!

Seattle Seahawks DB Brandon Browner takes the balls out of Giants Victor Cruz.

Adrian Peterson scoring the 2nd of his 3 touchdowns as he breaks to the outside for this 24yard rush.

Victor Cruz reaches up and steals the ball from the hands of the gods with this wonderful piece of handling.

Steve Smith catches a ball he had no right even touching….and then runs it in for a touchdown!! The cheek of this guy!!

Dwayne Bowe doing what only Dwayne Bowe can or even should!

Javid Best finds a whole and penetrates it really punishing the guys who left it open.  88 yards that has got to hurt!!

enjoy and let us know what you think should be in the Yankin Off hall of fame!


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