So be ready for the disappointment that I feel always comes with these “big news” announcements. So lets speculate, Its probably who will be playing at London or what weekend they will be playing.

But in other good news it seems that the viewing figures for the NFL on Sky are on the increase. Year on year the figures are up 30% which is great for any business and shows that the UK fans are ready to adopt football as their sunday evening entertainment.

I personally loved the addition of RedZone to Sky’s broadcast package and it has certainly opened my eyes to a new way to watch football as well as a great way to track my fantasy team. So with the Championship games, Pro Bowl and of course the Superbowl to go I am already looking forward to what they’ll bring us next season!!

So as soon as we know what the “BIG NEWS” is we shall discuss it here!!

I’m Matt and I know even less!


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