Pro Bowl could be done

So as you know by now we are not the bggest fans of the all star games here at Yankin Off and after last weeks Pro Bowl and the truly awful performances of some of the players it seems like Roger Goodell may be waking up and smelling the coffee.  He said “I really didn’t think that was the kind of football that we want to be demonstrating for our fans, And you heard it from the fans. The fans were actively booing in the stands. They didn’t like what they were seeing.” this morning on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN radio.

Goodel was also questioned about what he could do to make it better, “We’re either going to have to improve the quality of what we’re doing in the Pro Bowl or consider other changes or even considering eliminating the game if that’s the kind of quality game we’re going to provide,” Goodell stated.

So could this be the end of the Pro Bowl? If Roger needs any ideas he just needs to listen to this weeks podcast!

Im Matt and I know nothing.


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