It’s coming up to that glorious time of the year ladies and gentlemen.  SPRING TRAINING!!!!  It’s right around the corner and I know that I promissed our faithful Yankers that I would have an NL and AL preview article by the time pitchers and catchers reported.  And yes, as my co-hosts predicted, I do not have it.  Being a university student throws some wicked curve-balls like essay’s and exams etc.  So, I am now revising my promise, BEFORE opening day, I will preview the NL and AL (because by that point I will have handed in all my essays), that is a promise I can keep.

On a completely seperate yet amazing note.  MLB.TV is now available to purchase for the upcoming 2012 season and launches Februrary 29th (available on PC, PS3, Iphone, Ipad, and now XB360).  There are two price brackets MLB.TV and MLB.TV/Premium.

The below link will explain the differences between to the two but, if I may make a recommendation, the price difference is roughly $15 and the bennifits of the premium package vs. the normal one is deffinantly worth the $15 bucks (premium includes free access to the app AtBat12.

  Take a look and keep Yankin Off!

I’m Luch and I know nothing!




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