Luch’s Idiot’s Guide to MLB.TV

Cum one, cum all to Luch’s Idiots Guide to MLB.TV APP on the Playstation Network!

This guide will give you step by step assistance in allowing you to watch your MLB.TV package in the UK on your Playstation 3!

1) Make sure you have a PlayStation and an internet connection (if you lack these particular pieces of equipment, you will find it quite difficult to watch baseball online)

2) This step is the most complicated.  Go onto and sign up for an American PSN Network account.

3) Create a new user account on your playstation and sign onto the playstation network using your new USA account information.

4) Go into the PlayStation store and type into the search engine MLB.TV and download the app.

5) After the app has downloaded it will be on your playstations harddrive so, if you’d prefer you can then delete the user account.

6) Now that you have the app on your harddrive, now it’s time to link your MLB.TV Account with your playstation.  For this you’ll need your compter and log onto  Go to connect devices, pick playstation and type in the code provided from your playstation into the space provided and it will automatically update

7) BOOM, and there you have it! Luch’s Idiots Guide to MLB.TV.  Any questions or if I left anything out, feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP but remember,


I’m Luch and I know nothing!


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