So here it is folks, The news the world has been waiting for Peyton Manning will sign for the Denver Broncos (we are waiting for the final conformation from the NFL).

Peyton Manning has chosen Denver as the place to cement his legacy as one of the games greatest QB’s and hope to take what is an average team to a championship. When Peyton was asked where he would like to play he stated the AFC would be his preference and is indeed where he has landed. This leads to my first question is he afraid of the NFC?

Well Manninng has also landed himself with a team who have some decent recivers, a pretty decent offensive line and a division with very little in the form of decent competition. So here is question number two…Is Manning looking for an easy route to the Playoffs?

So of course the arrival of Manning leads to some changes being made to the QB’s depth chart and the farily obvious displacement of one Tim Tebow. So this leads to the third and final question I will ask today, Where now for Tebowmanina?

I’m Matt and I know nothing.


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