A Magical Day in L.A

Announced Wednesday March 28th, 2012; Magic Johnson along with key financial officers formally of the NBA and the CEO of an investment group based in Chicago called Guggenheim Partners have announced their purchase of the Los Angelos Dodgers for a sum of 2.4 Billion dollars, the most expensive sports franchise purchase in history.

This the is dawn of a new day in L.A bringing back a Los Angelos Laker’s star into a completely new sport and bringing new life to what was a near dying franchise.

This is not the end of the troubles for the Dodgers seeing as they still owe 250 Million dollars as well as needing to update what is now an ancient 50 year old stadium but, good fortunes are on the horizon and with Magic Johnson at the front, maybe he can conjur up a spell to bring L.A out of it’s funk and into playoff contention!


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