NFL: Here is the evidence from “bountygate”

So after weeks of “he said, she said” the NFL has released the evidence that they believe warranted the punishment dished out to Jonathan Vilma, Scoot Fujita, Will Smith and Anthony Hargrove and here it is:

• The testimony from disgraced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to the league, in which he said he knew the program “was rolling the dice with player safety and someone could have been maimed.”

• The charge, from what the league said was a handwritten note from a Saints defensive coach, that the defense pledged $35,000 for a defender to knock Brett Favre out of the January 2010 NFC Championship Game — including a $5,000 pledge to the kitty from current Saints interim coach Joe Vitt. (Vitt denies the charge.)

• The three sources the NFL claims to have who told league investigators linebacker Jonathan Vilma spurred the bounty on Favre by offering $10,000 himself during a night-before-the-game motivational speech by, as one of the sources said, “raising his hands, each of which held stacks of bills, that he had two ‘five-stacks,”’ to give to the player who knocked Favre from the game.

• The NFL Films-recorded quote from defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove, as first reported by SI in March, with Hargrove saying to defensive teammate Bobby McCray, “Give me my money,” after Vitt told the team that Favre was out of the game with a leg injury. (Favre did return to the game without missing a play, but that wasn’t apparent when Hargrove made his declaration to McCray.)

• The PowerPoint slide collected from a sweep of the Saints’ computer system, from the night before the Saints’ playoff loss at Seattle in January 2011, complete with a picture of TV bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, that said, “Now is the time to do our job … collect bounty $$$! No apologies! Let’s go hunting!”

• The unending stream of evidence from Saints computers, which is going to create some very strange bedfellows inside the Saints’ football facility … seeing that the two-year sweep of the all Saints’ e-mails and computer-generated PowerPoints was OK’d by owner Tom Benson, who helped seal the case against the four suspended players and three coaches and general manager Mickey Loomis by allowing forensics experts to search for incriminating electronic evidence against his employees.

• The ledger sheet from an October 2009 game that showed safety Roman Harper due $1,000 for a “cart-off” of Giants running back Brandon Jacobs in the second quarter, forcing Jacobs to leave the field for several plays.

I think myself that the use of Dog The Bounty Hunter itself is enough to warrant the bans, But Im Matt and I know nothing


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