The Truth About September Call Up’s

Don’t worry baseball fan’s, just because football season is on the horizon does not mean that your ability to watch and enjoy the wonderful game of baseball is coming to a close.  There is still September to come as well as the post season in October so here is a brief look into what to expect in the coming weeks in Major League Baseball.

Just around the corner is the infamous day known as September 1st, otherwise known as September Call-Ups/ Expanded roster day.  This is that wonderful day when all across Major League Baseball, teams will be allowed the chance to showcase some of their minor league talent for the remainder of the regular season.

Now you may be wondering, “How does one get called up to ‘the show’?” Or, “How was a player qualify?”, well hopefully this article will help alleviate some of the stress these critical questions.

First off, the purpose of September call ups is to provide Major League Organizations with the opportunity to showcase their young talent.  This could be for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, potential in house replacement’s for seasoned veterans in the future as well as using individual player performance to increase the players value in the eyes of other organizations who may be interested in a trade.

The reason why players get called up to get a taste of “The Show” couldn’t be more basic.  They have lived up to or exceeded expectations at the minor league level and are then going to be tested against the most elite players in the world on the grandest of stages.  September call ups are when most players make their MLB debut and though I am not speaking for experience it must be emotional turmoil.  The great mixture of excitement and fear all at the same time.  Realizing that your wildest dreams have finally come true yet, praying that you don’t mess things up.

The next question we must tackle is how does a player qualify for a September call up and do teams call up all their players at once?

To qualify for September call ups, a player must be on the 40 Man roster by 11:59pm August 31st.  The only other way a player can be called up from that point on is on the basis of injury for a player already on the 40 man roster.  Over the coming weeks many of you will see your teams making additions as well as subtractions to their official 40 man roster in preparation for this day.  On September 1st or at any point after teams are then allowed to call up players from the minor league system to join the Major League club.  Most teams generally bring up their top prospects in the first few days of September.  You will see your organizations best minor league prospects throughout September though, not as much as you would during Spring Training (especially if your team is in the hunt for October Baseball).

Once on the 40 man roster, any players on that roster qualify to be picked for the 25 man post-season roster as long as they were placed on the 40 man roster on August 31st.

So you may be wondering, ”Who am I going to see in September?”  “What young kid is going to join center stage and prove he has the right and talent to play Major League Baseball?” It’s really quite easy to kind out.  Each and every Major League team has a view-able roster available on their web page.  Both the 25 man and 40 man rosters are available as well as a Top Prospects tab usually found on the minor league information section of your teams website.

So I thoroughly encourage any and all fan’s to get excited about September because who knows what you’ll see.  A future Home-Run King?  Future All-Star?  Who knows, and that my friends is the exciting part.

I’m Luch and I know nothing


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