NFL Passer rating explained…….ish

So for many years I have followed the NFL and been told that the NFL passer rating is the best way to judge a performance, that it gives you all the information you need rather than looking at the many stats out there.  So after many long hours of research (of course I mean google search) I had fond many explanations and equations, so I thought why not have a Yankin Off one.  So what makes ours different? We will actually give you a working example.  So for the purpose of this example I have taken RG3 stats from week one (as a Rams fan I hope week two’s are less exciting).

RG3: Attempted: 26, Completed: 19, Yards: 320, Interceptions: 0, Touchdowns:2


So this is where it gets complicated, to get your passer rating you need to work through 4 separate equations, then you take the totals from them add them to another equation and presto you have your answer, simple right???

Ok Phase A

Completions/Attempts x 100 -30/20

(still seems simple right)

RG3:    19/26=0.73     x100=73 -30=43 /20= 2.15

So answer for phase A is: 2.15

Phase B:

(touchdowns/attempts) x 100 /5=

RG3: (2/26= 0.076) x100= 7.6 /5=1.52

Phase C:

(9.5 – (Interceptions/ Attempts) x100) /4=

RG3: (9.5- (0/26=0 x100=0) =9.5 /4=2.375

Phase D:

((Yards/Attempts) -3) /4=

RG3: ((320/26=12.31) -3= 9.31) /4= 2.33

And now we can work out the final QB/passer rating, this is done by adding all 4 of out totals together and then dividing by 0.6 and then multiplying by 100:

(A+B+C+D) /0.6 X 100

RG3 (2.15+1.52+2.375+2.33=8.37) /0.6 =13.95 x 100 =139.5

And that’s how we get a QB/Passer rating. Easy really (yeah right).  It’s improtant to note that in any one phase the maximum number is 2.375 and the minimum number is zero.

So now I have answered that question what would you like to know next? Let us know on the comments or email us at

I’m Matt and I know nothing.


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