Tackling Football’s Player Culture

I’ve joked about NFL player’s behaviour a hundred times on the podcast. I’ve laughed at off season antics, at crazy rock n’ roll antics and depraved excesses. But in the last two weeks, the NFL has been struck with a series of tragedies that makes me question the role of the NFL – or even … Continue reading Tackling Football’s Player Culture


Bonds Belongs To The Hall of Fame

The ballot for the 2013 hall of fame election has circulated recently and it is peppered liberally with names that have become synonymous with the steroid era and the long ball game MLB knew the chicks dug. After poor showings in previous ballots players like Mark Maguire, whose homers did more than most to make … Continue reading Bonds Belongs To The Hall of Fame

Yankin Off ep72: As old as Chuck Norris

'twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...until Blockbuster started billowing smoke in the middle of the night! Can our inexperts finish the podcast in time to save their place of employment from burning to a crisp? Yankin off 72-As old as Chuck Norris