BBF Match Report: Liverpool Trojans v Cartmel Valley Lions

Liverpool Trojans faced a tough challenge in the second week of their season, taking on Cartmel Valley Lions. Last year, only two teams were successful in recording a victory over the AAA Champions. One of those teams was dispatched last week, when Liverpool Trojans slaughtered Menwith Hill Patriots 37-3. The Lions however, would prove a much tougher challenge.

The first game proved the viable threat that Cartmel Valley are to Liverpool’s title reign. The first inning saw a single by Ben Pearson, with saw two runners advance home on an error. Minutes later, a double from Emmanuel Estevez Santos brought another two runners home with two out. The Trojans’ first at-bat was a short one, with Lions’ pitcher Ben Pearson throwing three balls and nine strikes for three quick outs. Pearson’s skill at the mound was certainly the highlight of the first game. Only two runs were scored in the second – Mario Escobe brought home on a double by Chris Luciano, then Luciano following an error, bringing the score to Lions 4-2 Trojans.

Mario Escobe, pitching for Trojans, held the Lions to one run in the third before the Trojans clawed three more runs back in the bottom of the inning. A three-run home run from Escobe, bringing Alan Alger and Harry Wren home. A similarly tight fourth saw Harry Pickup score a run from a Ben Pearson single, whilst Pearson closed the inning with a mere seven pitches (two balls, five strikes) Lions 6-5 Trojans.

Estevez opened the fifth with a home run, bringing about a pitching change for the Trojans. Escobe was replaced by Chris Pittard, who held the Lions to one run in the sixth before a disastrous seventh inning. Tom Woodburn scored on an error, whilst a Ben Pearson double secured another two runs for the Lions. Another two runners are brought home on singles, with only one out. A number of well-played steals put runners on second and third, resulting in runs, including one run on a wild pitch, before Pittard recorded his second out of the inning. With bases loaded, Pittard struggled to hold the Lions back, ending the top of the seventh Lions 20-5 Trojans after 52 pitches. Three swift outs for the Lions ended the first game Lions 20-5 Trojans

With pride on the line, the Trojans struck back early in the first. Martin Godsall started the game with a flyout to right field, ground out to second and an infield hit to the pitcher to quickly dispense of the Lions. Two wild pitches bring the score to 0-2 in favour of the Trojans at the end of the first. Alan Alger scores a run on a throw to first in a short second, followed by two runs on wild pitches during the third and a run by Paul Mason ends the third Lions 0-6 Trojans.

A tough fourth inning saw the Lions score five runs in quick succession – an error on the throw, a sac fly and two singles to right field. The Trojans were then held at six until the bottom of the fifth, where a series of walks had resulted in a bases loaded situation. A single to centre from Paul Smith, and subsequent error, brought two runners home. A sac fly from Escobe and a single from Chris Gary brought the score to Lions 5-10 Trojans.

Lions pitching ran in to further trouble in the sixth, with a pitch somewhere between third and home resulting in a run, and another run on a wild pitch. Top of the seventh saw the Lions score a run from a James Pearson double to right field, before Godsall threw a ground out to first. Final score Lions 6-12 Trojans.

© David Griffiths 2013


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