Farnham Knights Match Report


Farnham Knights Youth (14-17 year olds) travelled to Reading on Sunday 28th April with a 9 man squad for their first league tournament of 2013. American Football at Youth level is a fully kitted 5-a-side version of the game played on a 50 x 25 yard pitch with a maximum of 8 attempts to score in two 15 minute halves. It’s a fast paced, full contact version of the 11-a-side game. The Knights opponents were Berkshire Renegades, Marlow Wolves and Solent Thrashers and all three had 4 or more players on their teams than Farnham. However the Knights coaches knew that they had 9 ballers and it’s a 5 v 5 game on the pitch.

First team to come under the Knights sword was the team from Solent who had arrived later than expected. The Knights soon made the Thrashers wish they’d stayed at home as they scored at will and allowed no first downs on defence, running out convincing winners 59-0.

Next up were the Berkshire Renegades, who were looking to come back after a narrow 10-9 loss to Marlow. The Knights were not in a sympathetic mood and spoilt their party by crushing their hosts 54-6.

Next up to face the 2-0 Knights were the 2-0 Wolves. Last year the experienced team from Marlow beat the Knights, a point that one of their coaches reminded them of prior to the tournament. Perhaps it was this taunt, the chance to go 3-0, revenge or that they’d conceded a touchdown against Berkshire, but the brave Knights were not going to stop until they had dominated the Wolves winning 95-0!

Offensive highlights for the day included touchdowns for Aaron Sekwalor (10), Tom Breschi (6), Matt Williams (4) and Alex Allington (2) with QB Jacob Nunnerley passing for 7 of the touchdowns. Defensive highlights included Alex Mazur’s 3 safeties and 1 touchdown, Josh Oakley’s 2 safeties and 1 touchdown interception, with interception touchdowns from Sekwalor and Nunnerley. Head Coach Richard Scott’s Knights Tournament MVP was Aaron Sekwalor.

The young Knights have now announced themselves to the league and must continue to prepare and improve for the next 3 tournaments, including a home tournament at Farnham Rugby Club on 23/06/13 @ 1pm, and playoffs before they reach their target of becoming the 2013 National Champions.


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