BAFANL Official Playoff Structure 2014

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the official structure for the BAFANL Playoffs  this summer and we here at Yankin Off (a founding member of British American Sports Network) decide to answer the question.

If the below is not clear enough then check back with us here every week as we will be launching our Playoff Projection Bracket.

Playoff structure 2014

Tie Breakers

1-      Won/Loss/Tied % record
2-      Head to Head points differential during regular season (when two teams tied on same % record)
3-      Lowest Average points conceded in games played (Excludes awarded games)
4-      Record for both teams against common opponents during the regular season Won/Loss/Tied % (awarded games excluded)
5-      Highest Won/Loss/Tied % for scheduled away games
6-      Lowest number of players ejected
7-      A coin toss (by league office)

If three or more teams are tied on final win/loss/tied %, then follow the tie breakers until a team is excluded, then restart tie breakers for remaining teams.

Playoff Structure

Final week of Regular season – 17th August

Quarter Finals – w/e 24th August

Semi Finals – w/e 31st August

Britbowl – 14th September

League playoff structures are :-

8 teams per division in Qtr finals, in a Nationally ranked structure.

(For both Premier and National Divisions)

Premier is ranked #1 to #4 in a North/South conference split.
Quarter Final

Q1 – North #1 hosts South #4

Q2 – South #2 hosts North #3

Q3 – South #1 hosts North #4

Q4 – North #2 hosts South #3

Semi Final

S1 = Q1 winners v Q2 Winners (highest ranked at home)

S2 = Q3 winners v Q4 winners (highest ranked at home)


5 Regional Champions are ranked #1 to #5, then the Three next best records will be ranked #6 to #8

Quarter Final

Nat #1 hosts Nat#8

Nat #2 hosts Nat #7

Nat #3 hosts Nat #6

Nat #4 hosts Nat #5

Semi Final

Highest Ranked team hosts 4th Ranked team remaining

2nd Ranked team hosts 3rd Ranked team remaining.


I’m Matt and I know how this years playoffs will be seeded.


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