Nighthawks are prepared!


The Merseyside Nighthawks are into their final week of preparation for the 2014 BAFA National Finals in Leeds and the Coaches are constantly working on preparing the players for the biggest game of the year, for a chance to be crowned National Champions.

From Rookie try-outs in January to the 3 day Residential camp in Sheffield, to the final sunday training session this week, the coaches have planned everything down to the tiniest detail, and the hard work put in by everyone has finally come to this, the John Charles Stadium in Leeds on the 14th September.

Head Coach Craig Pennington had this to say on the season;
‘The Nighthawk’s road to the Bowl started just under 12 months ago after our defeat in the 2013 playoff quarter final at Gateshead, the coaches sat down together after that game and looked at where improvements needed to be made and how, as a coaching staff, we were going to implement them.

We set our goals, decided how we wanted to practice and put our preseason schedule together. One of the most significant things we did was brought this years team together at the residential training camp in Sheffield.

A massive thanks goes out to the committee group who have worked tirelessly to provide everything that the coaches have asked for and have made sure that the club is in an excellent position to build on any success the club will have in the future.

I can’t say enough about the player group this year, they have all listened to their coaches, taken the information on board and have worked really hard to apply it to their game. The guys have really bonded really well to create a fantastic team atmosphere, always supporting each other and pushing each other to get better.’

Offensive Co-ordinator Joe Black, added

‘A lot of hard work on the development of our existing players along with several quality additions in key positions has had a massive impact on our season. As coaches we have put a real focus on all the details that will help the performance on the field, and make sure that we enter every game in the best possible position’


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