Merseyside Nighthawks get their swagger on with NFL support…Give me two claps

It is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It involves collisions that equate to being in a car crash and it is played by people who pay for the privilege.  British American Football has a solid foundation here in the UK but there is no denying we look up to the NFL in the States and this can be seen in every huddle across the UK.

Sergio Brown a real team leader in the Indianapolis Colts locker room over the past few seasons and now sure to be leader in the locker room of UK bound Jacksonville Jaguars has taken to imitating his good friend WWE star Ric Flair.  Video emerged in early January after the Colts 26-10 win over Cleveland of Brown in the locker room after a win.  He can be seen imitating Ric Flairs famous “give me two claps interview”.

This week the Merseyside Nighthawks moved to 2-0 on the new BAFA Div 1 season and 15 match unbeaten run Paul Leighton found his swagger and channeled his inner Brown/Flair.  This is somewhat of a bit of fun for the team but received the true stamp of approval when Sergio Brown himself retweeted it this week.

Check out the link below to see Paul’s version and the conversation between @nighthawks_News and @SergioBrown38

Check out the Sergio Browns:

Check out Ric Flair’s


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