OOTP Baseball 17- Full game Review

OOTP Baseball 2017

Football Manager is in-depth. It covers a wide range of moves and strategies and has become so time consuming, it has been cited in divorce courts.    It has its own Facebook page for those whose degrees it ruined as it sucked them into the world of managing clubs across the globe.

With OOTP Baseball 2017 the OOTP team have taken the game to depths that even the guys over at Sports Interactive dreaming of ways to ever more explore football.  OOTP Baseball 17 is the most in-depth sports simulator ever created.  Get your divorce lawyers ready, start planning what to do after you leave college because this game is ready to be the reason you stay up late and get up early.


What does the game offer?

For beginners to baseball management (I’m not experienced let me add) this game may take a while to get used to.  It may take you a while to get yourself fully immersed if that is even a possibility.

I started by exploring the minor league system which is fun but really doesn’t give you a lot of control as you are just picking which players to start and maybe looking at what strategies you might explore.  The real fun starts when you take on the role of GM/Manager of the big league clubs.  The ability to pick your staff throughout the minors and plan a long term strategy mixed with scouting and development of youth players gets you to stick with the game for the long term.  The trade system is simple and fun and the ability to ask the other GM what/who they want with the “make it work” button will have you seriously contemplating a trade that involve your biggest stars (much to your fans disapproval).

Your interaction with the owner is quite minimal with targets set each season, sometimes with longer term goals.  He allows you (in the GM role) to set ticket prices, development budgets and scouting budgets and allows you to tweak these freeing up cash for contracts and trades.


The in game play can be set in different ways with you being able to choose as detailed as pitch by pitch or simply sim entire seasons.  The pitch by pitch play can take some time and is really only for those true diehards.  I elect to sim inning by inning speeding up the game play but still allowing me to control a fair amount of the game and react to any in game issues.

I could write a 10,000 essay and still not cover all the details in this game.  The OOTP team have hit a game winning home run.  This game has already replaced Football Manager in hours played (despite FM having a good 8 month head start)  and for baseball fans here in the UK and the world over this is a must buy.  For those of us on this side of the Atlantic this game is the perfect complement to watching your Major League Team play while you lead them to the World Series from the comfort of your own couch.  So my advice is let the family know you’re safe, tell work your ill, draw the curtains and stock up on snacks.  Move over Football Manager, Baseball fans don’t have time for you anymore.


OOTP Baseball and other games from the team are available on steam and at  OOTP Developments.


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