10 things that changed the World since the Chicago Cubs las won the World Series…. (that’s since 1908)

That’s right guys congratulations are due to the Chicago Cubs, World Champions 2016!!!

After a dramatic extra innings win, at the pinnacle of a 3 game win streak knowing that 1 loss would keep the title away from them they have done it.  But with that in mind the World is a very different place now, even the fact that we here in the UK know what the score was before having to wait for the newswires and papers to let us know…a week later!

So here are (some of ) the major events that took place in the last 108 years:

  1. 1908: Just days before the World Series started the Ford Model T had begun production. Little did we know that it would change the face of not just the motor vehicle industry but factories too. 1908-ford-model-t-photo
  2. 1912: The greatest ship ever made was built….and then of course famously sank.  The Titanic was simply a set of plans the last time the Cubs won the World Series but it set sail under much fanfare and immediately collided with a block of ice in 1912.titanic2-bluestar0216
  3. 1914: The Great War it was called at the time, was the first of what is now called Modern Warfare and changed the face of Europe.  At the time it was the greatest loss of life and people vowed never to let something like that happen again. world-war-one
  4. 1920:  The American Professional Football Association (APFA) before renaming itself the National Football League for the 1922 season.  Ok so this one didn’t change the world but it certainly gave fans something else to do. Image result for The NFL Formed
  5. 1918: Some countries were early adopters (Denmark and New Zealand) but the UK and US followed with rights for women over 21 allowed by 1918.Image result for womens right to vote
  6. 1939: World War 2 happened.  This not only shaped Europe and Asia but changed the way that was has been fought. Image result for world war 2
  7. 1947: The Cold War was immediate the fall out of WW2 it led to a divide between East and West, The Berlin Wall, Vietnam, Korea, The Cuban Missile Crisis and of course the space race.Image result for cold war
  8. 1963: The Assassination of JFK.  This was an event that changed the face of politics in the US. It was at a time when things were shifting towards a much more equal world. Image result for Kennedy assassination
  9. 1968: The Civil Rights Movement cannot be summed up in a few sentences but what can be said is it was a giant leap forward.  The men who led this campaign are people that should be revered throughout history, Malcolm X, Martin Luthe King and so many others that lost their lives. 1963 march on washington.jpg
  10. 1976: Ebola made its introduction to the world.  It’s March 2014  outbreak killed more than all the other outbreaks together Image result for First outbreak of ebola

This list of course far from exhaustive so let us know what else happened since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series so let us know what events you believe should have been mentioned below.



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