Leave the hate at the door.

We hate them. We hate them so much. It’s the same story every year in the AFC East. The New England Patriots win the division, and then they progress through the playoffs. Social media becomes full of everyone vs. the Patriots posts, and their cheating becomes semi-relevant again.
fad674c6f1a449aa760267f6f667fedcWell, I have one message for you. Get over yourself, sit back and enjoy that you are living in a historic age for the NFL. Yes, I am sick of them winning but the fact that they do, year in and year out is the only thing we should be focusing on. People make comparisons to the Raiders and 49ers that were dominant in their heydey, but none of those teams compares to the current New England Patriots.
Let me be clear I am not a Patriots fan; in fact, as an LA Rams fan I remember feeling that hatred after they overcame the Rams in 2002. And for a few years more too. But this Patriots dynasty is the greatest of all time. They have won 14 of the last 16 division titles, 7 AFC Championship games and of course 5 Super Bowls. They have won at least 12 games in 11 of those seasons and all with the same Head Coach and same Quarterback.
So what I am saying is instead of cheering on the other team lets admire the fact we are in the presence of greatness. These things don’t last forever and based on previous years never last as long as this. Instead of jeering Tom Brady cheer him, he is truly one of the greatest to play the game, and we should be watching him with a muted respect at the very least. No QB will reach these heights for a very long time if ever again and indeed the architect of the whole thing, Head Coach Bill Belichick is also one of the greatest coaches ever. His record at New England should be enough to define this alone.
But when you consider his astute movements with free agents, as well as the fact that players know if you want to win “go play in Foxborough” then surely this is indication alone that us lowly fans should be looking on in awe. Because no doubt in 20 years’ time when we watch the NFL we will hark back to the days that Tom Brady came from 25 points down with 20 minutes to play. We will laugh about the best press conferences when Belichick gave curt one-word answers and think “wow they were one of the greatest teams ever.”


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