Episode 76 Let’s Get Physical

Lengthy opening ceremonies leads to some nostalgia this week, as our inexperts recount their first encounters with their favourite teams. Matt blows our collective minds with lasers and the inexperts make their final Super Bowl predictions Listen below or subscribe to iTunes http://yankinoff.podomatic.com/entry/2013-01-24T22_51_16-08_00


Episode 75 We Say-O About Te’o

Less than 24 hours after the most bizarre football story of the year is published, our inexperts chime in on Manti Te'o and his fictional girlfriend. Plus, Super Bowl predictions, slippery hockey players and some of the worst jokes we've ever told. Click the link to listen online, or subscribe with iTunes 75. We Say-O … Continue reading Episode 75 We Say-O About Te’o

Episode 74 Hall of Lame

Hockey's back! But where have all those sponsors gone? And will the players come back? Luch gets all moral discussing the Baseball Hall of Fame, just as long as the Yankees get a bye. And the NFL discusses Junior Seau's autopsy findings. Time for the game to evolve? Plus, Deeside Dragons v Solihull Barons and … Continue reading Episode 74 Hall of Lame

Yankin’ Off 73 Skyball

This week, our inexperts catch up on the Bowl Championship games, Luch comes up short on his baseball knowledge, we create a whole new concept for ballparks and examine the fallout from Black Monday. Plus, upcoming events and tryouts for American Football and Baseball and a preview of the first Deeside Dragons game of 2013. … Continue reading Yankin’ Off 73 Skyball

Yankin Off 67: Time for a Better-Man

This week Dave tries to hold ESPN to ransom, periscopes are given to baseball umpires, Matt joins the Deeside Dragons on the road and we start a campaign to #firebettman Listen below or subscribe via iTunes Yankin Off 67