OOTP 2018 – The Football Manager of Baseball is here!

OOTP 18 Baseball Sim Available Now!


Leave the hate at the door.

We hate them. We hate them so much. It’s the same story every year in the AFC East. The New England Patriots win the division, and then they progress through the playoffs. Social media becomes full of everyone vs. the Patriots posts, and their cheating becomes semi-relevant again. Well, I have one message for you. … Continue reading Leave the hate at the door.

OOTP Baseball 17- Full game Review

OOTP Baseball 2017 Football Manager is in-depth. It covers a wide range of moves and strategies and has become so time consuming, it has been cited in divorce courts.    It has its own Facebook page for those whose degrees it ruined as it sucked them into the world of managing clubs across the globe. With … Continue reading OOTP Baseball 17- Full game Review

BAFANL Playoffs are here!

  With the season all but ended here are the BAFANL Playoffs ties:National League: The seedings are as stands:  1: Solent Thrashers2: Watford Cheetahs3: Merseyside Nighthawks4: Clyde Valley Blackhawks5: Shropshire Revolution6: Farnham Knights7: Ouse Valley Eagles8: Edinburgh WolvesAnd this is how the fixtures would look:  (1) Solent Thrashers           v    (8) Edinburgh … Continue reading BAFANL Playoffs are here!

95. Juankin’ Off

Our inexperts ponder a future in which we follow Mexican sports, plus the full round up from BAFA's weekend action, including a game report from Merseyside v Chester. http://yankinoff.podomatic.com/entry/2013-06-13T12_01_19-07_00