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Tebow and the 2 Point convesrion.

Eyebrows were raised back in April with the announcement that Tim Tebow was in Philadelphia talking to the Eagles. The fans reaction was, as is expected from the Eagles fan base passionate if not supportive of the move.  Most fans couldn’t understand the meaning or the need for a player who has “failed” at this … Continue reading Tebow and the 2 Point convesrion.

BAFANL Playoffs are here!

  With the season all but ended here are the BAFANL Playoffs ties:National League: The seedings are as stands:  1: Solent Thrashers2: Watford Cheetahs3: Merseyside Nighthawks4: Clyde Valley Blackhawks5: Shropshire Revolution6: Farnham Knights7: Ouse Valley Eagles8: Edinburgh WolvesAnd this is how the fixtures would look:  (1) Solent Thrashers           v    (8) Edinburgh … Continue reading BAFANL Playoffs are here!

On this given Sunday what could happen…

Well here we are the final week of the season and there are still some important games to be played. Lets start: Premiership North.With the top two places sealed we have the winners East Kilbride Pirates guaranteed as the number 1 seed an Tamworth Phoenix firmly in the 2nd seed. It gets interesting from here as … Continue reading On this given Sunday what could happen…

Check out this weeks huge BAFANL…

....Mid-Season review. Includes interviews with Russ Hewit (Solent Thrashers), Matthew Davies (East Kilbride Pirates), Rob Amor (Birmingham Bulls) and the new boys to the league Anthony Price (London Hornets). http://yankinoff.podomatic.com/entry/2014-06-11T15_56_37-07_00