Leave the hate at the door.

We hate them. We hate them so much. It’s the same story every year in the AFC East. The New England Patriots win the division, and then they progress through the playoffs. Social media becomes full of everyone vs. the Patriots posts, and their cheating becomes semi-relevant again. Well, I have one message for you. … Continue reading Leave the hate at the door.


NFL Update 23/08/12 (inclusive of some 22/08/12)

Sorry about the miss yesterday had some pressing matters with Britbowl just around the corner, (by the way if you dont have plans this weekend why not pop across to Sheffields Don Valley Stadium and watch the Div II, Div I, Youth and of course Perm Finals all for the very nice price of 10 … Continue reading NFL Update 23/08/12 (inclusive of some 22/08/12)

NFL Daily Update 21/08/12

So here's todays updates... #Jacksonville Jaguars had a busy day after not only agreeing to play in London for the two years the Rams pulled out of (2013, 2014) but agreeing to play an extra two years on top taking them through 2015 and 2016.  The question is will they have their prize asset Maurice … Continue reading NFL Daily Update 21/08/12

How much does your team have left to spend?

So how much cap room does your team have? Read on and find out how much money your team has to improve before the start of the season. Arizona Cardinals Current contracts: 45 Previous year carryover: $2,000,000.00 Adjustments: $1,197,600.00 Adjusted cap: $123,797,600.00 Team cap: $121,625,305.00 Cap room: $2,172,295.00 Team cash: $107,500,316.00 Atlanta Falcons Current contracts: … Continue reading How much does your team have left to spend?