OOTP Baseball 17- Full game Review

OOTP Baseball 2017 Football Manager is in-depth. It covers a wide range of moves and strategies and has become so time consuming, it has been cited in divorce courts.    It has its own Facebook page for those whose degrees it ruined as it sucked them into the world of managing clubs across the globe. With … Continue reading OOTP Baseball 17- Full game Review


On this given Sunday what could happen…

Well here we are the final week of the season and there are still some important games to be played. Lets start: Premiership North.With the top two places sealed we have the winners East Kilbride Pirates guaranteed as the number 1 seed an Tamworth Phoenix firmly in the 2nd seed. It gets interesting from here as … Continue reading On this given Sunday what could happen…

Check out this weeks huge BAFANL…

....Mid-Season review. Includes interviews with Russ Hewit (Solent Thrashers), Matthew Davies (East Kilbride Pirates), Rob Amor (Birmingham Bulls) and the new boys to the league Anthony Price (London Hornets). http://yankinoff.podomatic.com/entry/2014-06-11T15_56_37-07_00

NIHL: History Repeats As League Stays Silent

The following commentary is for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual speakers, and do not represent the views and opinions of any of its affiliates. Last month, we reported on the NIHL North Promotion Playoff between Deeside Dragons and Coventry Blaze. We highlighted an ineligible player and … Continue reading NIHL: History Repeats As League Stays Silent

NIHL Playoffs: Deeside Dragons v Coventry Blaze

Full coverage of the first game in the NIHL Relegation/Promotion Playoff. Footage courtesy of P4SportsNetwork. Hosted by Yankin' Off's Dave Griffiths & Matt Farnham. First Period; Second Period; Third Period; Extended highlights of the second game, courtesy of Scorched Ice TV;