Episode 30 – Super Luch Bros.

This week, our depleted inexperts congratulate our co-host, create the Marvel Baseball League, turn Luch in to a sterotypical Italian, challenge each other to some Tebowing, make plans to see Moneyball at last and discuss a bit of sport. It’s a busy week at Yankin’ Off HQ! Listen below or download via iTunes Episode 30


Episode 29 – Maxed Out

Our inexperts are missing a man. Can they produce the podcast themselves? I guess so. There’s sopmething recorded, at least. This week, our remaining inexperts talk Tim Tebow’s skill (or lack of), Hockey Hall of Fame, MLB and NHL restructure, new stadiums and more on the Paterno and Sandusky madness. Listen below or subscribe via … Continue reading Episode 29 – Maxed Out

Episode 27 – One Of Our Teams Actually Wins Something!!

This week, one of our inexperts is no longer a loser. We discuss the World Series, find out ‘Who’s On First’ in the NHL, discuss hazing and bullying in locker rooms and look forward to a great weekend of NFL games. It’s a meaty week for Yankin’ Off! Listen below or subscribe via iTunes Episode … Continue reading Episode 27 – One Of Our Teams Actually Wins Something!!