Yankin’ Off 39 – Electrifying

Our inexperts talk inter-league play, trade deadlines and the yawnfest that is preseasons. And this week, we didn't invent a better sport. It couldn't get any wackier than real plans for an Ultimate Tazer Ball League Listen below or download via iTunes Yankin off 39


Yankin Off 38: Dave-less

Our inexperts are down a man, but that won't stop them doing whatever it is they do. Will Luch get bullied less without Dave around? Listen below to find out or subscribe via iTunes! Yankin Off 38 Dave-less

NFL off season week 1 review

Welcome to the first of my off season NFL reports.  This is where each week you can check in and see a brief run down of the weekly goings on across the pond in the worlds most competitive sport.  I will aim to include some rumors and the things we don’t always get to cover … Continue reading NFL off season week 1 review

Yankin Off 37: Thirty Seven!

Our inexperts question the referees decisions at the Super Bowl (to annoy Luch), express disappointment in the lack of off season violence and create a new sport...this time, it's Double Decker Football. Listen below or subscribe to our new iTunes feed. yankin off 37