The Fresh Baseball Prince of Bel Air

Written by Kevin MacAdam Myles Janson, a 16 year old baseball player is now one step closer to his dream of playing in the Major Leagues. Instead of starting his A levels, Janson will start his last two years of school 3500 miles away at John Carroll High School in Bel Air, Maryland and with … Continue reading The Fresh Baseball Prince of Bel Air


OOTP 2018 – The Football Manager of Baseball is here!

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Riding high with Leicester

By Matthew Bullock I have been a basketball fan since 1993, predominantly following the NBA. Over the years I have seen many changes in the league mainly related to the standard of players. I remember the days where most teams would have a “one-two punch” Jordan and Pippen, Malone and Stockton, Mullin and Hardaway. Nowadays … Continue reading Riding high with Leicester

Leave the hate at the door.

We hate them. We hate them so much. It’s the same story every year in the AFC East. The New England Patriots win the division, and then they progress through the playoffs. Social media becomes full of everyone vs. the Patriots posts, and their cheating becomes semi-relevant again. Well, I have one message for you. … Continue reading Leave the hate at the door.