BAFANL Playoffs are here!

BAFA NL Banner Logo Blue  With the season all but ended here are the BAFANL Playoffs ties:

National League: The seedings are as stands:  

1: Solent Thrashers

2: Watford Cheetahs

3: Merseyside Nighthawks

4: Clyde Valley Blackhawks

5: Shropshire Revolution

6: Farnham Knights

7: Ouse Valley Eagles

8: Edinburgh Wolves

And this is how the fixtures would look:  

(1) Solent Thrashers           v    (8) Edinburgh Wolves

(2) Watford Cheetahs            v    (7) Ouse Valley Eagles

(3) Merseyside Nighthawks  v    (6) Farnham Knights

(4) Clyde Valley Blackhawks v    (5) Shropshire Revolution


(N1) East Kilbride Pirates    v    (S4) London Olympians

(N2) Tamworth Pheonix    v    (S3) Bristol Aztecs

(S1) London Warriors        v    (N4) Coventry Jets

(S2) London Blitz         v    (N3) Lancashire Wolverines

Ties are to be played next weekend according to the season briefing so hold on to your hats folks the post season is here!


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